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Jam & Honey

Jam & Honey

Fruit-filled seasonal Jams and Yorkshire Honey

Our deeply fruity jams are simply made from fresh ingredients. Some, such as Strawberry and Raspberry, have unrivalled fruit contents, whilst all include unrefined cane sugar and a little lemon juice, relying on the properties of individual fruits alone to achieve soft sets bursting with natural flavour.

Yorkshire Wildflower Honey. Pure, natural and delicious, sourced locally from field and hedgerow blossoms, including broad bean flowers and white clover. Chosen by Rosebud Preserves for the subtle delicacy of its English flowers and as a popular and lovely alternative to jam.

Yorkshire Heather Honey, of the late summer, is gathered by honeybees from the purple ling heather of the North Yorkshire Moors. This local honey has a very distinctive woody, tangy flavour. A unique product to add to the Rosebud Preserves catalogue and renowned for its health benefits.

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Apricot & Vanilla Jam | 227g
Blackcurrant Jam | 227g
Blackcurrant Jam | 227g Sale price£4.95
Cherry & Amaretto Jam | 227g
Gooseberry & Elderflower Jam | 227g
Midsummer Jam | 227g
Midsummer Jam | 227g Sale price£4.95
Midwinter Jam | 227g
Midwinter Jam | 227g Sale price£4.95
Pear & Somerset Brandy Jam | 227g
Raspberry Jam | 227g
Raspberry Jam | 227g Sale price£4.95
Rhubarb & Orange Jam | 227g
Rhubarb & Strawberry Jam | 227g
Strawberry Jam | 227g
Strawberry Jam | 227g Sale price£4.95
Yorkshire Heather Honey | 227g
Yorkshire Rhubarb & Ginger Jam | 227g
Yorkshire Wild Flower Honey | 227g