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Rich Chutneys prepared by hand from simple ingredients.

With a few exceptions, our chutneys are traditionally British. Deep, dark and rich from the addition of unrefined cane sugar and long slow cooking in open pans, they are prepared by hand from fresh raw ingredients, aromatic spices and just enough vinegar to create piquant, full-bodied and properly rounded preserves.

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Ampleforth Beer Fruit Chutney | 198g
Apple, Peach & Apricot Chutney | 198g
Bramley Apple & Chilli Chutney | 184g
Damson Fruit Cheese | 113g
Fig Chutney | 198g
Fig Chutney | 198g Sale price£4.95
Green Tomato Chutney | 198g
Old Yorkshire Chutney | 198g
Pear, Orange & Ginger Chutney | 198g
Red Onion & Port Marmalade | 227g
Smoked Apple Butter | 113g
Spiced Plum Chutney | 198g
Sweet Onion Marmalade | 227g
Tomato Chutney | 198g
Tomato Chutney | 198g Sale price£4.95
Yorkshire Wensleydale Chutney | 198g