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Tomato & Chilli Jam | 227g

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Proudly supporting The Bumblebee Conservation Trust with a 5% donation from every jar sold.

Warm, rich and thick with ripe tomatoes, fresh ginger, chilli and unrefined sugar. Excellent with Goats Cheese and Cold Chicken.

Almost every tomato you have ever eaten was pollinated by the humble bumblebee! In the UK, bumblebees are the only insect capable of pollinating tomato and chilli plants (among many other fruits and vegetables). Using ‘Buzz Pollination,’ a bumblebee will curl its body around the flower and vibrate its flight muscles at precisely the right frequency the flower needs to give up its pollen, which is then transferred to neighbouring plants on the bumblebee’s furry body, ensuring a bigger crop with larger, good quality fruit.

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