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Three Fruit Marmalade | 227g

Sale price£4.95

A refreshing blend of the best-known citrus fruits – Seville orange, pink grapefruit and lemon. Rosebud Preserves Three Fruit Marmalade is bright and tangy, with each fruit contributing its characteristics to create one of our best products.

Citrus fruit make the ultimate sweet/sharp preserves, and nothing quite compares to the concentrated flavour of Seville oranges, pink grapefruit and lemons to create an unparalleled flavour in combination with toast and butter. Our Three Fruit Marmalade delivers all the depth of flavour and individuality expected from these fruits, with just the right balance of sharp to sweet, in the form of unrefined cane sugar. Naturally set relying on the properties of fresh fruit alone.

  • Prepared By Hand