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Spicy Bean Patties with Malaysian Relish

  • 120 min
  • Serves 4

For the Pattie Coating
150g good quality white bread, not sliced
75g grated Parmesan
1 beaten egg

For the Patties
50g frozen peas
50g broad beans – frozen (cover with boiling water for 5 minutes then drain)
4 dsp Rosebud Spicy Malaysian Relish
1 egg
4 cream crackers - crushed
juice of ¼ Lime

1½ tsp of sea salt
½ tsp ground black pepper
Flour for dusting
Vegetable oil for frying

For the Dressing

4 tbs sour cream
1 heaped tsp runny honey
2 heaped tsp fresh coriander – leaves only
1 tsp sea salt
Juice of ½ lime

For the Salad

20g rocket
16 tarragon leaves – approximately 10gms
½ Pink Lady or Braeburn apple – thinly sliced
Juice of ½ lemon
Sea salt and ground black pepper to taste

Spicy Bean Patties with Malaysian Relish

  • 120 min
  • Serves 4

For the Breadcrumbs
Pre heat the oven to 180°C.

Tear the bread into small pieces, ½” - 1”. Place on a baking sheet and cook in the centre of the oven until they are dry and light brown. Rub the bread through a metal sieve, or process in a blender, to make breadcrumbs. Mix together with the Parmesan.

For the Patties

N.B) If the pattie mix is made the day before you want it, it is firmer and easier to shape.
Cover the peas with boiling water and allow to stand for 5 minutes. Drain, cover with cold water, cool and drain again.
Mash the beans and peas with a potato masher, add the Spicy Malaysian Relish, crushed cream crackers, lime juice, salt and pepper.
Divide the mixture into four and on a floured board, shape the patties into circles approximately 1.5cm high, 4-5 cm’s across.

For the Dressing

To the sour cream add honey, coriander, sea salt and lime juice and gently mix together.

For the Salad

Put the rocket, tarragon and sliced apple into a bowl. Add lemon juice, salt and pepper, stir gently.

To cook the Patties

Dip the patties in the egg and coat on all sides in the breadcrumb/parmesan mix.
Fill a medium sized frying pan with vegetable oil to at least 2cm deep and place on a medium heat. When the oil is hot, add the patties to the pan and cook for approximately two minutes, checking occasionally that they are not burning. Turn and cook for the same time until golden brown.
Remove from the pan and drain on kitchen paper to absorb any excess oil.

Serve the patties with the sour cream dressing and the apple salad on the side.

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