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350ml | 20% vol

Marmalade Gin Liqueur

We have captured the spirit of our Seville Orange Marmalade in this uniquely distilled Gin Liqueur.

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Gluten Free
Allergen Free

The Spirit of Marmalade

Made in a traditional copper still to create a deep, dark and warming blend of bitter orange, molassed sugar and botanically rich hand-crafted gin with a truly distinctive flavour.

"A beautifully crafted liqueur".

Great Taste 2 Star Award

"The smell of clove-studded Christmas oranges, festive pudding and irresistible liquorice rolled into one. Intriguing. It inspires another sip to catch the nuances. A really clever balance and a drink that is dramatically rich yet clean and uncloying on the finish. A beautifully crafted liqueur".

To Serve
Drink neat, over ice, with tonic.

Rosebud Negroni
25 ml Rosebud Marmalade Liqueur
25 ml Campari
25ml Vya Sweet Vermouth
Stir and add at twist of Orange Zest

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